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Direct Import from the US

Most of our products are imported from American manufacturers in the US. Some of our products - like the rocking chairs and Deck chairs - are imported unfinished and get the ordered finish in our workshop.

Due to our knowledge regarding import and transport, that we gathered over the years, we can offer you reasonable prices for American products.  Naturally you'll find the products for lower prices on the manufacturers websites or on auction platforms. But if you try to order the product from the US you'll find out how fast the first price will be doubled or tripled due to transport costs, import fees and custom duties. Benefit from our experience and get the product delivered at home, without caring about customs, transport insurances and fuel surcharges.

As our products have to travel a long way to get to us, it is possible that some products are temporarily out of stock. They will be available again after the next container has been delivered to us. We give our best to keep the product details and especially the mentionned delivery time up to date, so that you know whether the product is available immediately or with some delay.