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Windsor Chairs

During the 18th century the Windsor chair, a cottage chair that originated from England, became very popular in the United States, particularly along the East coast. Due to the fact that he was very simple to produce but very robust, he became one of the first mass produced dining room chairs during the industrial revolution in the US and England.

Over the time, the style of the American Windsor chair changed in comparison to the English original. For instance he was mostly lacquered in green or black, as the used kind of wood didn't match.

Meanwhile the Windsor chairs are produced in several different styles. At American Homestyles you find the classic Bow Back form – which means that the spindles of the chair are inserted into a steam-bent bow-shaped stick of wood. They are available as „side chair“ (without arm rests) and „arm chair“ (with arm rests)

In Germany this Windsor chair is mainly seen in American movies and series, as Hollywood often uses them as „typical American“ furniture.